01. A diving team is trying to [salvage] some of the cargo on the sunken ship.
02. The President hopes to [salvage] some kind of agreement at the peace talks that will allow them to continue at a later date.
03. Investigators were able to [salvage] the flight recorders from the wreckage of the airplane that crashed into the mountains near Salt Lake City.
04. The [salvage] operation had to be called off temporarily due to bad weather.
05. Anouk is trying to [salvage] her failing marriage after admitting to her husband that she spent the night with a former boyfriend.
06. The Russian government has released a statement saying that they will try to [salvage] equipment and weaponry which was aboard the sunken submarine.
07. An American recreational diver has become a millionaire after [salvaging] over 3 million dollars worth of gold and silver from a sunken Spanish ship he discovered off the coast of Bermuda.
08. The player was able to [salvage] his pride after losing most of his games in the tournament by noting how much he had improved from the previous year.
09. We were able to [salvage] a few things from the ruins of the burned out house.
10. Two divers were killed when the sunken ship they were working in turned over during the [salvage] operation.
11. A group of local environmentalists is trying to [salvage] a number of rare plants that are in danger due to the construction of the new highway.
12. The President is trying to [salvage] a little bit of good news despite his party's poor showing in the polls.
13. The divers were able to [salvage] millions of dollars of fine champagne from the sunken vessel.
14. Rosalynn Carter once suggested that if we have not achieved our early dreams, we must either find new ones or see what we can [salvage] from the old.
15. Thousands of children in China, India and Pakistan work [salvaging] gold, copper and other materials from computers which have been discarded in the developed nations.

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